The Volkswagen Arteon is an all-new fastback that offers the perfect blend of style, sophistication and convenience. Bozeman shoppers have access to an exciting range of cutting-edge design features with this VW model. At Volkswagen of Bozeman, we want drivers to know just how innovative and helpful these features can truly be.

Driving around while you shiver and wait for the heater to warm up is definitely a thing of the past. The Volkswagen Arteon offers modern comfort and convenience with heated front seats and a heated steering wheel. You can keep your hands warm and your entire body toasty, and you even have the choice of requesting heated back seats as an option.

Loading and unloading cargo is a cinch in the Volkswagen Arteon with its hands-free, easy-open trunk. When you have your keys in your pocket, simply passing your foot under the rear bumper will cause the trunk to unlock and open itself. To take the Arteon out for a test drive, or to learn more about its features and benefits, contact us at Volkswagen of Bozeman today.


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