Some purchasing decisions are clear and straightforward, such as choosing between lime green and white socks. Other purchasing decisions might leave you scratching your head, wondering why there's such a steep price difference between two options that seem pretty similar. Choosing between lithium or a lead-based car battery might feel this confusing, but at Volkswagen of Bozeman in Bozeman, MT, we're here to take some of the confusion out of the experience.

Lead-based car batteries are less expensive than lithium batteries, but they also last significantly less long. Lithium batteries also operate at near 100% efficiency levels whereas lead-based batteries have a 15-amp loss when they're charged.

So should you choose a lithium battery or a lead-based battery? A lot of that depends on your budget. The lithium battery is always the way to go if you have an extra $100 or so to put into your battery when it needs replacement.

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